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Either then us *smirk* there are other Emerging Style icons out there in the World of Fashion. It is the perfect time of the year to check who has made it to the list of Fashion icons, and our findings are quiet interesting, as some of these people arent even based in the Fashion industry.

We have chosen our top three icons for 2014.

Iggy Azalea
The Model slash Musician from Australia has been seen flaunting style and draped in edgy fashion numbers, Iggy has a gorgeous body, which is said to be all natural, ” You Go Girl”. It helps that she is a model, she’s allowed to stop rapping and just focus on fashion.

Lupita Nyongo
Oh so she is a slave, but this time a “Slave of Fashion”, Lupita has has shown her effortless love style in fashion in so many ways. She did once wear a designer dress that was NOT so attractive, but we cannot judge her against the many times that she has hit the nail right on the head, the dark beaut has taken our breaths away with her dress sense.

Zendaya Coleman
Riri has got competition, watch this Disney’s star grow bigger in the fashion industry, with her Tomboyish look, Zendaya, just like Riri, pulls off any look. With her impeccable style, she will be the next IT GIRL, in fashion.


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