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25 Days of Christmas with the Pavilion Mall: #FestiveTreats #FashionableFood #Yummy #PavSefie #SantasChair

It was amazing to see how the Pavilion had transformed since I had last been there, honestly speaking I felt like a kid in the candy shop. My eyes started to sparkle and my smile reached from ear to ear it was like one of Santa’s elves sprinkled magic Christmas dust all over me. Hahaha give me a break please I do love the festive season and will never grow out of it.

With that said its was buzzing so much to do and so much to choose from and with the convenient shopping hours it makes it all better because you can shop till you literally drop. Some fun in-store festive things to do such as Santa Chair for the good little boys and girls and take some awesome Pav Selfies you can take with friends. Also the #SantaSlide competition is still on so go ahead and play to win some shopping vouchers.

Our friend Mapule looking gorgeous at the Pav This weekend 🙂 #PavSelfie

Spotted at the Pavilion SA Celeb Pearl Thusi getting her charm on at Pandora. 

Santa’s helpers in Santa’s chair

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