Well one may think this is oh so boring and seems to be over worn… well Blak and White has once again invaded the streets of fashion.

Most designers have went with mostly neutral colours for the Spring season, but Black and White seem to have popped up again this season. These colors will mostly be seen in Prints and Patterns that are trending this season. We will be seeing a lot of polka dots, Bold and Pin stripes in these prints.

You may think that floral looks are offish with a little black and white, well then think again….

She wears a #FLORALPRINT in black and  white loose fitting shirt.. that sexy yet sleek look!!!

Black and White can play a big role in hw you feel and what occasion one is dressing for. Picture your self going to the movies with Black Jeans and a white Tshirt and a black leather crop top just for warmth, or maybe you feeling like a walk in the park or beach and you’re in your black and white Aztec Printed legging and loose fit tank top in either black or white, or imagine you get a call to go for an interview or rather a corporate meeting and your in your black tight fitting suit, a chrystal white shirt and slim black tie or velvet bowtie….. SEE Black and White will never let you down, prefect for any part.


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