It’s been a while since we’ve posted outfits of ourselves, we’ve been busy and happily growing our Fashion Capital “Durban”, so we took time and snapped a few shots this past weekend.

We don’t think we should call it “Spring” anymore, the weather is so confusing, it’s almost as if we have 4 seasons a day and it makes it hard to pick a look when getting dressed. If you pick a minimalistic outfit, you’ll be forced to either take a jacket with or be home before the sun goes down, but thank goodness we love dressing up.

There’s a trick to carrying a jacket or a long sleeved shirt, for just incase the weather changes on you and you still wanna carry a small bag. The trick is to simply wrap the jacket or shirt around your waist and thats if the outfit allows you.

Fufu wears: Floral Chicago76 Athletic Vest
                    Acidwash Jeans
                    Blue Adidas Sports Jacket
                    Bucket Hat
                    Accessories: Round Shades, Gold Chain

Nomthy wears:  Floral 09Tank
                           White Jeans
                          Accessories: Mirror Shades, Gold Diamond Chain

Nomthy wears: Camouflage Bucket hat
                          Mesh Croptop
                          Stressed Jeans
                          Camouflage Shirts (around waist)
                          Wolfgrey Jordans
                          Accessories: Gold Chain, Round Shades

Fufu wears: Dope bodysuit
                    Stressed Boyfriend Jeans
                    Red Chucktaylors
                    Red Bandana
                   Accessories: Round Shades, Statement Necklace

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