A Flawsome Collaboration and Interview

A few weeks ago just as I sat down with my cup of coffee, I received an email from Flawsome Work with the subject “Possible Collaboration”, so I quickly dragged down the preview and instantly felt good about this one. Bar the fact that I needed a pick me up, with all this indoors thing, what I needed was excitement and a challenge so I can create again and keep myself busy.

And just over a month later, I have experienced and worked with another great female-owned local brand, which now also falls into the list of my favourite local brands.

FLAWSOME: (adj.) A person who embraces all their quirks and ‘flaws’ and realises they are awesome regardless

This is a brand that embraces just that, each of her pieces is unique and quirky and like humans that share characteristics, her earrings are cut from the same polymer clay slab but differ depending on where each piece is cut on the uniquely designed clay.  I have said before that I love jewelry that is unique and will make me feel like I am the only one that owns that particular pair/piece and Flawsome serves just that. Knowing that I have earrings that I ONLY have, makes me feel a little cocky and I will not be adjusting that feeling.

So having received 6 pairs of this brands’ beautiful earrings, I decided to style a few pieces and shoot them, I also ran an Instagram giveaway because I am cool like that, and I want other kids to shine too. Further to all that, I interviewed Bianca Bolink – founder of Flawsome Work, to get some insight behind her enchanting brand.

The Interview:

When and how did Flawsome start?

I first started dabbling with clay mid-January 2019. At the time I was clearing out my garage and found a box of my old art supplies from University. While reminiscing as I sorted, I came across a box of polymer clay and I began to plan and experiment – to this day, I haven’t stopped.

My love for bold earrings sparked the inspiration and I began to create. As a mother to two incredible boys, as well as working half-day for an NPO that looks after children, I found the need to stimulate my creativity.

This is when Flawsome was born.

When I design my earrings, there’s no perfect formula – each one is tempered by the beautiful whirlwind of the day on which they are made. In their individual irregularities, I see an earring like no other before or after it. In the random way in which the colors swirl and mix, I see a tapestry that no careful design could match. But more importantly, I see an echo of each and everyone woman who will one day wear it. It’s our individuality, our quirks, our beautiful flaws who make us the brilliant people that we are.

I want to bring joy to all women through my creations.

What inspired each range?

There are many different factors that inspire and affect each range.

Some days, the simplest thing can spark inspiration, be it a bee on the windowsill or a flower I spot on my daily walk. Other days it’s a heartbreaking story I have heard on the news that triggers a deep need to bring beauty to a sometimes dark world.

I strive to bring joy through the simplest of things earrings.  Something that fits all women, no matter your shape, colour, belief, or age.

What is your work process when creating?

I’d be lying if I said that I’m a meticulous person that plans each range, each colour story, and each photo session.

The truth is, my process is a true whirlwind of collecting myself after spending a day of playing and learning about life with my boys. Once night falls I am truly able to conceptualize an idea for a design and sketch out the elements and the story I want the pieces to tell.

I simply allow the process to take place whenever it can. Be it while I’m watering my plants, playing with Hot Wheels, enjoying a cup of coffee on my stoep while the night settles, or simply binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

How long does it take to complete each piece?

This depends from piece to piece. Terrazzo pieces can take close to an hour and more detailed abstract or floral work can take almost two hours.

Most of the colour schemes I work with are made by blending a variety of colours together, that also takes some time but being able to create your own unique colour is so rewarding.

Will you make anything other than earrings in the future?


I have big plans for several other projects (not just jewelry) – stay tuned!



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