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50years later…. The names of two of the worlds most iconic woman are more alive than ever, and with the reliving modern fashion they are not to die anytime soon.

MARILYN MONROE and AUDREY HEPBURN well known for their Impeccable Styles and irreplaceable personalities.  The ladies of the 20th century left us with timeless style and figures to die for.

You will see that a lot of Pearls were worn in their times, they had strict hairstyles and very classy dress sense.

Marilyn Monroe was born on 1 June 1926 as Norma Jeane Baker then made a transition to the now known name. She was well known as America’s actress, model and singer. She was popular for her curvy body and beautiful blonde hair, no matter what she pulled over her body, be it form fitting gown, slouchy hemps or shirts and rags, Marilyn still managed to draw attention for her natural figure. She draped herself in satin gowns, high waist bikinis,  pleated dresses, pearls and wore her striking red lips timeously and had a fall into being a Fashion Icon that way.  It was effortless and way off her occupation but she pulled it very well, hence her name in fashion still lives today.

Fashion she inspired

The above and below share so much feel, Lupita’s version is just modernised but still looks elegant. 


Audrey Hepburn was born in 4 May 1929, she was well known as British actress and humanitarian,  she was recognised as a film fashion icon and was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She grew up with a big heart for ballet but never really made it due to her height and having started late. She made it effortlessly in the fashion books, was blamed for eating disorders beacuase of her tiny doll figure. She had a clean style and elegance even inspired the likes of Givenchy who tried to copy her style into clothing and accessories.

Fashion she inspired


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