The Shamballa was introduced to us by our close friend Sbu Qricha Nzuza. To be honest at first we were very sceptical about encrusted beaded jewellery but like most of the items on our blog we eventually folded and fell in love with them.

Here’s a short piece we extracted from the Elite Obituary about the beginning and rise of the shamballa.

“Born in Paris, France to Mads Konersup, the creator of the Shamballa bracelet actually launched his first boutique in Paris in 1994. Mads was a creator of ancient Indian and modern Scandinavian inspired pieces. It wasn’t until 2010 that the Shamballa bracelet really took off and became the mainstream accessory piece to have.

When the bracelet first hit the scene, we recall seeing Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter being one of the pioneers to start this trend. Mr. Carter was featured on the cover of Gotham Magazine with his left hand near his face. On his left hand, the world was introduced to Shamballa bracelets. This turned into a frenzy as a multitude of celebrities began following suit. Hip hop artists would be fashioning the beads in music videos, actors wearing it on the streets of Hollywood and the tabloids giving the brand free press through this.”

Jay-Z on the cover of Gotham Magazine
rocking the shamballa.
Variety of shamballas. They look delicious <3

Karl Lagerfeld head designer and fashion director of
fashion house Channel. Wearing the perfect combination
shamballas and grey leather glove.

Cross shamballa

Miss Kerri baby!
Renowned SA rapper and personal friend
Sbu Qricha Nzuza wearing two different designs of
the shamballa.  

SA Hip Hop DJ C-live making the accessory
look even better with the tattoo.
“The bracelet, as most of us know, is comprised of diamond paved oval balls attached to a tribal inspired spring of Ancient Scandinavian design. The bracelet married traditional style with pop culture flare. It didn’t have a latch, but was to be removed manually and with the pull of a string. The celebrities soaked this up as they saw it as a unique and cool design that the hoi polloi lacked. It was original, sexy and could match with almost anything.” -Elite Obituary-

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