Almost All White: Durban’s Winters Tale ft Fufu and her Two Piece

Hello Stunners

Its been a minute since we last posted and as you may have noticed there’s been quiet a number of changes to our blog reason being is that we are trying to find ourselves and what works best with you, our readers. With that said our vision basically is to grow you know? staying in the same point in life is never an option for us and that should also apply to everyone else out there because it is through growth where we realize our hidden potential and strength to take on new adventures…Excuse us for waffling for a moment there we tend to get carried away when speaking about growth as it what we strive for the most ouchea. Speaking of the appearance of our blog we would totally appreciate your input here because everything we do is for YOU so do feel free to email us your opinions ans suggestions.

Okay now its time to get back to the subject matter Fashion. Fufu was out and about prancing around like a ballerina in boots…Yes that’s right BOOTS! she basically said she feels like being a ballerina with a twist today. The look was basically inspired mainly by the recent celebrated Freedom Day an iconic day for South Africans commemorating the day in 1994 when the first democratic elections where held in our country. Thanks to Durban weather she was able to do it, and by that we mean even though it’s winter in Durban, South Africa we can hardly feel the chill as yo will see in the pictures its sunny as summers day. Shes wearing a rather interesting material we came across called nylon spandex hexagonal mesh fabric…Lets take a closer look shall we.

Fufu Wears:
  • Beanie form Bambata, Petrol or Milk
  • 2 Piece form Blaze Sale
  • Black sports crop from Body Material 
  • Black elastic boots Edgars
  • Sbu Nzuza

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