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Arts Opinion….. unspoken words!

Hi I’m “ART“, and these  are my unspoken words, my opinions!

These words were encouraged  by the likes of Masters that abide by no law nor societies  conformity. I find comfort  in the world of masters that set us free as we are, to be taken or left as we are. See, in the world of Master Sounds Tabuu I am created to the limit of his satisfaction, the last  touch is the last touch. I will NOT be edited to suit the eye of an oblivious hater. When he sees  perfection in me, then I am complete, I am his happiness.

In the chamber of  Master Dunn Phantom  I find peace, I am his joy and contentment. I am a puzzle of notes  and keys. The only decree I accept, is the level at which  you listen to me. I am a melody of his ability, composed to satiate the craving ear. I am Art of sounds and reverberations, a concoction of thumps, hits and Rhythm.

 I am created to accompany the vocal  Art of Master Qricha, I mate with the lyrical other of my kind. We get deep and deep until we form a poetic  harmony, filled with rhythm and sentimental confrontations. Together, we make u ponder as we exude stanzas that are filled  with meaning. We are ART of the gifted, given meaning, we are soothers of your soul.

See, I was created this way, my edges and contours tell a story.  See that funny, odd flaw was made so I stand out just a bit, it’s a mark that brands me and I’m fine with it. I don’t know if I please the eye of a human, but what I do know is that I do catch their attention.  My creator formed me to portray a tale that only s/he can tell. I am the vision/vocal  of what runs in the mind of a human  artist, my master.

I am ART,  I cannot not be deemed Wrong nor right. If u question my “form”, then you are questioning the aptitudes  of another man. See what I am cannot be graded nor rated, because, I am the chance for u to see what runs through  the very mind of your kind.  Words cannot Articulate my form, I am an expression of thoughts and Talent.  My master  created me for his own satisfaction and imaginations.  You are allowed to be captivated  by my form, as long as you don’t criticize my norm, gages and conditions.

Someone  has to make a living right? So they put a price on my kind and this opened an ingress for humans to judge us. Master has to  to think twice before he unveils us to the world to slay his “talent”. Oh how harsh and bitter  of the humankind  to crash each other’s endowments down. We are not formed to be rated and certified, yet we are. Ever thought that when you degrade me, you are degrading  the strengths  of my creator, your kind?. Ever thought that my existence  gives  you the chance to see what you may have only fantasised about or imagined?. Oh wait, have you have ever thought  that, I am made of forte, sweat and stint?. No wait, don’t answer. I am not going to thrill you with the  obvious.

If  it were up to me, i’d stand against  it all, societies criteria to standardize us, Laws of art, and professions of talent slaying. Our beauty lies in the stories we are made to depict. We are the perspiration  of what was once a dream, a thought, and emotion and we are the confinement of TALENT, therefore  I say, we are priceless. You should be lucky  then, that we have been tagged with value and we can be adopted with your precious  dime. Take me home with pride, pride of knowing that I am the power  of another  man, formed to capture  the attention of an arty eye. But I have been turned down, because  I made no sense to the oblivious purchaser of my kind,rejected.
Now I stand, draped in Rags of dust and dirt, I am unwanted,even by my creator. The hands that made me touch me no more. The mind that birthed me thinks twice about my purpose. The eyes that ensured that I am what was once a thought, don’t even  look in my direction anymore. I am like a forgotten feeling, I’m love unwanted, dear me.

I  am the expression of creative human skill, applied into a form, I am a tangible  figure  of  unseen thoughts and imaginations. My kind comes in visual forms that branch out into paintings, music, Literature and Dance. We work well hand in hand. Without music,dance wouldn’t  be, and within literature lies paintings  as the visuals of the story that the author  is telling.
As i conclude my dialogue, I plea the world to Admire, Respect and Truly understand the uniqueness of ART.

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