Avene || Its like rain, but better!

So, we I sent Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray by Rubybox to test and tell, and boy! we are impressed with this product.

Now forget stressing about irritated skin, rash and the after shaving math. This easy to use product is a must have. I was working on an event onsite for just over a week, and I already knew that my skin is going to go south and I would have to stress about fixing once my event was over.  I hate looking drab even if i’m not wearing any make-up i still strive for a good skin glow, and I honestly hate wearing my exhaustion on my face.

Each night after working, I’d get to the hotel, take a shower and spray this awesome rain in a tin on my face, as per the instructions, leave it on for a few minutes and pat my face dry, then I get this soothing feeling, literally feel my skin breath. I also tried the product after shaving, because, well, my skin hates razors and shaving creams. I would just spray a little after shaving, follow the same instructions and forget I shaves, how cool!?


Did you know that the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray also works as a making up setting spray?

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