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I think it is safe to firstly accept that I am growing (because “getting old” would be a bit of a harsh term to use), and secondly I might as well just embrace it. I see this in my latest obsessions, where in the past my focus was mostly on clothing trends and events and now its homey things like pots, furniture and home scents. I have become particularly obsessed with creating a space that feeds my soul and contentment.

While creating a space that is good for your well-being includes freshness and scents, the way your home smells is very important and may be the first thing that even your guests pick up on. The apartment I stay at is very stuffy and has a very poor ventilation system, I suffer day and night and especially in summer, where it easily gets stuffy. When I had just moved in, I would walk in back from work, and as I open the door this stuffy heatwave would hug me quite harshly, so I had to figure out a way to at least have an inviting smell when I walk in. I had initially bought a freshmatic device and before I broke it, I had already decided that I don’t like it, the scent pressure was too harsh for my small spaces and the sinuses. So, I tried the method of leaving out my scented candles in different areas of the apartment, but that didn’t work the way I wanted it – by this time I’m getting frustrated * rolls eyes*

Anyway, I was scrolling through an AVON catalogue and saw they were selling limited edition diffusers, and I have not looked back since. My space space smells lovely, fresh and so welcoming. I have tried three of their scents with the oil diffusers, and I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone. The costs is very reasonable, although they say it will last up to 5 weeks, I have actually had my first one up for just over 2 months and I think I have at least another 2 weeks to go before I refill.

The packaging is amazing and so are the actual diffuser bottles – which I can and will be definitely re-use.

The flavours I have tried:

  • Coconut & Tiare Flower
  • Berry & Rhubarb
  • Fresh Cotton


Thandazo is a digital content creator with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. She recently completed a Content Creators Cohort Programme with Digify Africa and LiveMagSA. She has experience in the media industry and is currently working as a Digital & Content Marketing assistant at Adclick Africa. You can follow her at @mehloe on Twitter and Instagram.

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