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Beige, Nude, Sand or Buff Ivory…we just dont know????


Its crazy how ONE colour can have like a MILLION names right? Well we know it as nude but there’s is actually so much more to it such as beige, sand, Tan, khaki, taupe…it goes on forever. Whatever this colour is called we love it! There’s just something about it that grabs our attention and im pretty sure that one of the reasons are the sheer simplicity it bring to your outfit, it neutralises your whole look hence one of its names is neutral. This is exactly what happened when Fufu wore her nude crochet batwing sweater(what a mouth full) with her boyfriend jeans.

Check out the fun she had…

Bloggers have fun too <3

Denim and Crochet close up

Pearl neckpiece close-up 

We love this bag <3

Outfit Deets:
Crochet batwing sweater – Truworths
Boyfriend Jeans – Mr Price
Pink belt – Gift from Fundi
Platform pumps – Sissy Boy
Pearl neckpiece – Gift from Mehlo
Beige backpack – Truworths

All photos taken by – +Sbu Nzuza

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