Block Your Heels Girllllll!!!

Not all of us are made to walk on pins and pencil heels, and not because we are scared of falling, but our weights may not allow us to be comfortable on those hot stilettos and Red-bottoms for too long. So, the “Block Heel”, yes it is indeed a block heel, and No its not whack AT ALL. Imagine the turn off of sore feet at a party/ event because you’ve been standing for 5 hours and your feet are yelling NO!!! , well the blocks will be there to save the day.

No girl really likes changing into flat pumps just because their platforms are not so comfortable anymore, but block heels allow you the freedom to stand high all day. There are a variety of block heels that will fit in with everything in your closet, and they are affordable too. 
Block heels can be worn with anything, so join the crew and get a few. 

These Versace “Block Heel” Sandals (above and below) , a luxurious pair of beauts,in a combination of both classy colours, Black and Gold were seen worn by Nicki Minaj for some beverage commercial. 

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