They call it fringe, some call it tasseled, whatever but its in.

Okay it may come across as funky fashion, grunge maybe or even hippie, but you know fashion is not opinionated, no not at all. Fashion is what YOU MAKE IT!. Designers that include Ralph Lauren, have proven that this trend from the 1920s is back and back with a twist.

I love how we have become so open to trends and brave to styles, we are willing to try out Daring things, we are all for trying out unique things and bold fashion trends, and boy do we pull them off.
Fringe is in anything nowadays, with added straps of leather, cutout leather an tassels to simple Tee or dress. The style can range from classy to cool, its up to you, which look you want to pull off.

enough with the words, see some of the Fringe picks that we love.

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