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Closet Cleanout? Try Planners by M

What is more satisfying than a well-organized wardrobe? – A well organized and purposeful wardrobe.

Imagine having a closet/wardrobe that is clean, organized, and filled with items that have a purpose – and that all it took was to put your idle hands to use during this daunting time. A while back I touched on minimalism and the fact that it means owning things that you not only need but also have a purpose for. Our wardrobes are reservoirs of all the things we don’t need and the starting point of being a hoarder.

So, why don’t you let us guide you on how you could easily tidy up your wardrobe all the way to planning your outfits well in advance. Planners by M is a gem printables store on Etsy that will save our time and lives with little to no effort and a very minimal cost. She designs printables, templates, trackers, and planners to help organize your life. As a once-off, she has collaborated with us and designed a template to help declutter your wardrobe and plan your outfits in advance and you get to download this template for free just this once.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Start with a well-organized closet. Declutter everything that doesn’t fit or flatter you anymore.
  2. Select your 1 favorite garment from each category, e.g Pants, Blazer, Shirt – pick something versatile in terms of dressing up or down and build an outfit.  Do this 3 times maximum then you’ll have 3 outfits (9 garments) that will now be your prime clothes.
  3. Then use the Planners by M “ NNStyle Cartel” sheet to check and note each outfit’s relevance and if you do need it in your closet.

Create a capsule wardrobe, where you have only the items that you need and most definitely will wear. Give away what doesn’t fit and all those other clothes you’ve outgrown, you will feel good – trust me.

There are other planners to shop from Planners by M, in her shop she currently has individual products available as well as 2 bundles; the “Super Organized Bundle” and the “Health and Wellness Bundle”, which are all printables offered in both A4 size and US Letter size.

New products will be added to the store all the time, including other sizes such as A5 and A3 and other colours.
Some tips/features:
– The digital download comes in a US Letter and A4 size. You will receive both sizes upon purchasing any of my products.
– Please note, this is a digital download and no physical product will be supplied or delivered.
– The product has no logos and features minimal colours, so you can save ink when printing.
– The product is also undated, so you can print as many times as you need and keep reusing. Purchase once, use forever!
– The colour of my products is blush pink and black.
– Printing on a laser printer will produce the highest quality prints, but inkjet printers can be used as well.
– I recommend using an uncoated paper, which will give you a matte finish.
– Choose a bright white paper with at least a 100-120 gsm weight.
– Make sure to select “fit” in your settings when printing.
– Print your planner or tracker and place it in a file, on your fridge, pin it to a board or stick it in a notebook; the uses are endless!

Thandazo is a digital content creator with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. She recently completed a Content Creators Cohort Programme with Digify Africa and LiveMagSA. She has experience in the media industry and is currently working as a Digital & Content Marketing assistant at Adclick Africa. You can follow her at @mehloe on Twitter and Instagram.

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