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The city that embraces American style, the root of fashion beginnings and where trends are born.
New York City honies, this is our Fashion Capital of the day.

The Concrete Jungle has the highest concentration of talent and design, with the worlds top design schools that ensure to release new fashion faces. New York has a buzz and energy for fashion, that cannot be compared to any other fashion capital in the world.  New York kicks of the semiannual Fashion Week in the most Impeccable and unparalleled level then followed by the other Capitals,  London, Paris and Milan.

New York earned it’s top position as the world best fashion  capital through its methodical, creative yet disciplined approach to fashion, as per the director of GLM, Bekka Payack.

New York is crowned Fashion Global Capital 

New York Fashion Week 2014 Trends

A lot of jigsaw puzzles constructed tops, dressed and skirts were spotted on the runway at NYFW. Patchwork entails the fusion of leather, wool, crepe and silk prints, to form a new era of colour block, or should we rather say “Texture Blocking”.

Full Skirts
We see more girly styles kicking in this season, as a part of our wishlist, the full feminine skirts that can be styled with boots and biker jackets as seen on Marc Jacobs collection. The full skirt has a midi length but is a must get.

Arms out everybody, seen at the Victoria Beckham show, is the new in and perfect jacket to throw on to any look. The sleeveless boyish but feminine jacket as thumbs up from us. These come in pastel colours and sharp tailored silhouette which big this spring too.

Slouchy Pants…. too
Previously we had mentioned slouch skirts, well Slouchy pants are in as well. The cut is straight and the material is leather. All a great combination of this season’s trend materials.

We are still looking for the Fashion Capital Cutout at the Pavilion Mall and today it is near the Lucky Brand store.

Lucky Brand

This is a denim store founded in the United States in the 90s.  They are a true blue American icon, because they claim to understand that jeans are much more than just denim perforations.
They craft well fitting,  vintage inspired jeans and this is when they claim to have given denim “The LUCKY Look” simply by given a twist by ripping, fraying,  sanding,  patching and hand washing them. They give denim character and soul, with the added authentic hardware and personalised finishes and trendy details and this is when the American denim legend was born.

Spot the Fashion Capital Cutout near this store, snap a selfie right next to it, then upload your picture on either Twitter / Facebook or Instagram using the #LovePav #LovePavFashion hashtags and stand a chance to win a shopping voucher. 
Good luck ☆ 

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