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Apologies for no update yesterday, technology fails us sometimes and we solemnly depend on it. We just gonna give you a write up on yesterdays store and trends from Milan.


This is a menswear shop that imports garments from the UK.  This is a store for the men that beg to differ, men that obsessive over value and quality and have the liking for first class fashion. There is nothing more attractive than a man that knows how to dress well and has just the right taste for his wardrobe.  TM LEWIN has made life easier for that man with a particular taste, by selecting the finest lines of clothing for their consumers. TM LEWIN is a tailored menswear store that offers the perfect fit.

How a TM LEWIN Store would look like inside. 

They also branched out to cater for woman who have a stronger sense of  fashion. Woman that can rock a suit simply because they are “business woman”. They make suits and tailored shirts of these feminine “gentlemen” and boy are we inspired.

The below group known as “The Saturdays” was dressed by TM LEWIN for their single  “Gentlemen”

Milan Fashion Week- Winning Trends
Monochrome  “Black and White”
Another trend that will never be extinct in the industry. Whether it’s paired with prints of black and white or its putting together one piece and another, the monochrome trend certainly stands bold this season. 
Feminine Sport
This trend was also seen on New York Fashion Week but theven designers in Milan focused more on adding an athletic touch to the feminine look, simply by adding warmers and ribbed knitwear to dresses and skirts.
Another favoured trend is the floral print trend, it was seen with a different touch of embellishments and 3D fabrications, so it’s not just a print now it’s a texture too. 
Please see the next blog for today’s shop and the updates on the campaign.

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