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We certain that by now you know that we love showing you new, fresh, unique and exciting features
and today is no different. We go out of our way to find hidden gems that we think needs to be seen by the whole world and that is exactly what we have for you today we hope you will like it because we do.

After our quest for the next best thing in our fashion world we stumbled across some really awesome local talent…hold on a min what are we saying? they not just awesome but they’re “Cool” and fully titled Full Time Cool Guys otherwise know as FTCG.  One of the reasons why this brand caught our attention was  simply their attention to detail in fashion as well as the versatility they resonate in personal styling. Not only have they put them selves on the map as pioneers in fashion but also managed to make being a FTCG a trend and our favorite part of all is that they are a local brand. Upon speaking to one of the co owners of the brand we could simply tell that they are passionate about what they do and they sure to keep growing and leave their mark in the industry and this is what they had to say “FTCG covers all aspects of “cool”, whether it be the coolest fashion trends, to coolest coffee venue, to even a suggestion of the coolest meal to have after a ragged day. It’s also unisex in the sense that the words Full Time Cool Guys appeal to both male and female who completely revolutionize and define trade/industry, in the manner that they define themselves”. Sounds good right? We know that’s why we give them a NN thumbs up, now here’s alil 411 on the brand,

Who are the FTCG?

Full time cool guys (FTCG) is a pioneering lifestyle brand for cultured, original and inspired young men and woman. We promote a lifestyle that challenges individuals to be the best versions of themselves. True greatness comes from the unwavering belief in one’s dreams and abilities, it comes from self awareness and acceptance. The full time cool guy’s philosophy is to play hard but work harder so you can leave something greater than yourself in the world, a legacy.


With the dream of contributing and shaping quality urban lifestyle for the progressive young men and women of SA, siyamcela Ntsevu founded Full time cool guys. With Mfundo Gcabashe’s same drive and ambitions, the two merged forces to develop FTCG.



 Yes we love ourselves some Tom Ford

What’s Next:

Now a lil birdie  told us that these guys have something major cooking in the kitchen with projects featuring Ndumiso Mcwabe -Bars equipped and former Master chef SA finalist and yours truly Siyamcela Ntsevu -brand developer and founder at adonafro brand consultants and full-time cool guys…. Mhmmm we can’t wait so by all means watch this space it’s going to get big. We personally salute these guys for their achievements thus far and #godblesstheirhustle.

Chanel Iman looking drop dead gorgeous, makes us want to be
FTCG too!! Hint*

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