We would kill for a chance to win gift vouchers at this time of the year, this is when you either have a long list of “secret santas” or “gifts to self” for Christmas. So imagine how winning would make your life easy.
With the Pavilion, you are given the chance to win great gifts and vouchers, and the fun part about it is, you almost control the way you win, simply by playing a game, SOOOO, get your game and see the details below;

You have three moves; and each move reveals a new product. You don’t get to win the product revealed by the slide, but rather stand a chance to win a voucher that can buy it! Or something else you maybe fancy more! DONT FORGET: Share the item you last landed on to your social platform just to hint your loved ones.

See the store guide below, this will help you with getting around not just @The Pav, but also for this competition, Click on the pick to zoom in and view full gift guide. 

we are wishing all the best of luck, whether you are looking to win for yourself or loved ones.

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