‘Denim’ – Our All Time Love

We are sad to have been silent, but life is what it is, and the aim is to just wing it and stay strong.

Its has been hard trying to find a plan for a duo blog to work when the bodies behind it are in two different cities, and that is literally what we have been trying to work out for what seems like 100 years. Trying to make this work, especially the shoots, which is the base of the blog and the content we share, involves one flying to where the other is and and and…… So basically it is not an easy exercise in this world of adulting.

You know what they say ” Suck it up Suzy!!’

We love denim, full time, and this post is one where we share how we style denim with what is in trend, and make it work. There is no denying our love for denim, and you will see that it is a common style on this blog, whether together or individually. Denim is just easy to style, well beside black.

we wont bore you with words, just enjoy our style and be inspired. Oh and we promise to be consistent!!!

Denim Duo

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