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Durban is, but a growing Fashion Capital, it is here where you find that Fashion  contributors lay low whilst working on their fashion  products and boy are we speechless when the cat is out of the bag.

Durban has so much potential and with the right attitude,support and commitment, the city will soon be big and really be known as a Fashion Capital of its own. Having mentioned that, The Pavilion Mall is undergoing  drastic changes to meet the requirements to be a big and bold fashion provider.
One will notice that the website ( www.thepav.co.za ) has also changed to meet the current style of communicating and updating people.

The Pavilion has so many vibrant,  trendy fashion stores to satisfy fashion lovers. Given the chance, we would name it “The Royal Fashion Palace” obviously incorporating the entire malls structure and the selection of Fashion stores that they have there. The new pav allows for its consumers to communicate on the go on almost any social platform. The new “Movement” is very exciting and very user friendly. Imagine getting lost in that ‘Palace’, all you can do is go onto their site on your phone and you will find exactly where you are and where to go from there. Search on their site using #Hashtags , contact them on any social network simply by tagging them using #LovePav #LovePavFashion #ThePavSA.

The Fashion Capital Campaign is hosted by the Pavilion Mall and it is the only Mall in Durban that is working on this campaign. It is big and filled with great prizes. The Pavilion teamed up with local Durban Bloggers, including us, to run this campaign. The campaign is to launch the new look and the bonus that comes with it, is that YOU get a chance to win and enjoy the changes of the mall.

The Competition is very easy to enter and we really wouldn’t understand if you lacked the desire to enter. All that needs to be done is, you find the Fashion Capital Cutout, snap a selfie right next to it, then upload your picture on either Twitter / Facebook or Instagram using the #LovePav #LovePavFashion hashtags.

Today’s store

Tom Tailor

This group is said to be the leading and fastest growing Fashion brand in Germany and Europe with is sister brand “Bonita”. They collections of this brand reflect modern wear, modern sport and contemporary urban style.  The styles that they have on offer are not intended to be sold separately but rather as a unified collection concept, and the elements do allow this.

The Fashion Capital Cutout will be placed near this store today 
Hint: Store 274

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