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After much observation we finally found a trend this season were in LOVE with and some of you might have spotted it in the Woolworths AD or on the Runways of our favourite fashion capital
New York. We just thought that it would be interesting to get a little more history behind this emerging trend. Now we all love and know Kimonos but do we actually know where they are originated and what they are actually used for? NN took the liberty of finding out and we must say its quiet interesting.

The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment. The word “kimono”, which literally means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”), has come to denote these full-length robes. The standard plural of the word kimono in English is kimonos, but the unmarked Japanese plural kimono is also sometimes used.
Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial) and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear (especially zōri or geta) and split-toe socks (tabi).
Today, kimono are most often worn by women, and on special occasions. Traditionally, unmarried women wore a style of kimono called furisode, with almost floor-length sleeves, on special occasions. A few older women and even fewer men still wear the kimono on a daily basis. Men wear the kimono most often at weddings, tea ceremonies, and other very special or very formal occasions. Professional sumo wrestlers are often seen in the kimono because they are required to wear traditional Japanese dress whenever appearing in public. ~Wiki~

Kimono Design by 9Denk06

Traditional Kimono

The Kimono – Westernised
These days the Kimono is trending worldwide but with a modern twist its, stepping away from the dense traditional material to lighter chiffons or silks. Ranging from long to short Kimonos are perfect this fall as you can dress them up or down making it the versatile must have this season.

On the Runway
We’ve spotted this trend on runways across the world more so in our favourite fashion capital New York, one of our favourites had to be BCBG as they caught our full attention reason being they were able to incorporate the Kimono belt into their looks perfectly. Well executed!


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