We attended a party once again….and we had a balllll!!!!!
Nothing beats the feeling of dressing up for FUN, pun intended, getting all swagged up just to get down on that dance floor and let ur hair loose a little. We went to GoodSundae on the 22 December and all we can say is Durbanites can dress up just to have fun.

Apologies for not taking pics to share with you’ll,  thats how much fun we had, we had no time on our hands, music was too good we were stuck on that dance floor. We do guarantee to take pics next time, you’ll may hold us to that. We made the most of our festive and will be updating you’ll with pics from events and places we went to.

We will share what we wore though, just a little sneak peak of our looks.  We themed our styles around #Crop tops and solid colours.

Fufu bolded in white, wearing white jeans, a white crop, a denim half jacket and black vans and accessorised with gold.

Nomthy bolded in neon green, wearing neon smiley printed leggings, a black and white crop, a neon jacket and all stars, then accessorised  with gold too.

See below:

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