Hello hello good people.
This past weekend “19/07/2014′ a lot went down, but all in one day. Good memories created, moments and celebrations.
Fashion is everywhere and anywhere you want to find it, its not only at formal planned events or occasions. With that being said we want to clear up  how fashion fits in to this picture. The day was set for a braai and some fun, but the eye set itself to see fashion, well dressed individuals and outstanding fashion elements.
We threw a small and informal surprise party for our friend and upcoming HipHop artist Sbu QRICHA Nzuza, this was to also celebrate the birth of his first Album namely “DEATH OF MC’NERD” , which dropped on the day, which was his Birthday too, so we mark a great memory for July 19 . Sheesh!!! You say!. Well the guy has been up all night to get where he is now.
Photo: I bring to you..... The Death Of McNerd Album ArtWork. Release date announced soon. www.qricha.blogspot.com
Album write-up:
Photo: Surprise single release PARADOX.mp3. Let this track sex your ears as you turn up tonight. Happy New year. I bring to you.... PARADOX >>> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/70a3ba49Its been an amazing journey for this SA Hip Hop Artist called Sbu Nzuza stage name Qricha, a journey that took him 3 years to complete to make sure his fans were not disappointed and make the wait worthwhile.
His first single off the album “Lyrical Psycho” recorded in 2011 was released 4 July 2012 which was followed by his second hit single “Dehydrated” which was also recorded in 2011 but released on the 12 July 2013 making sure his fans receive nothing but the best from him he took his time releasing theses singles to perfect the production side. His third single “Paradox” was recorded and released in December  2013 followed by a Music Video release where he expresses that he would rather be “in club busy getting turnt” then listening to his complaining girlfriend all day eeeerrrday….The tracks “Breaking point” and “Outro” were not scripted he actually memorized them and recorded in his private studio which to us seems like a lot of work because compiling a track aint no joke(been there tried it got the T-Shirt). The Track called the “Instrument” was originally a poem but eventually put on the self played guitar to make it sound like another track. The album was featureless, he had no verse from a rapper whatsoever since the concept was not for this type of project.
He recorded 5 to 7 tracks in Johannesburg with his renowned executive producer Jay Tip who did the tedious process of mixing some tracks. Producers that were also part of this project are Sounds Tabuu and if you think your mind is playing tricks on you they not, we recently did an article on his hand painted tops so we can say his multi talented, Dunn Phantom is a renowned producer in Durban famous for his base in his beats and his 808’s drums, he produced a couple of tracks on the project and came out superbly. The remainder of the tracks were done in his private studio recorded and produced by SoundzTabuu and all the songs on the album are self written buy Qricha himself.
He is an independent artist meaning there was no management involved in this project so he had to everything himself from the videos Dehydrated and Paradox ( yet to be debuted ) to printing the discs and handling the whole sleeves himself, “believe I needed no help in making this one sound good” he said. Released on his birthday (19th July) to symbolize the belief that this is what he was born to do.
Really great album trust us, order yours now from Sbu Nzuza (slwanemcnerd@gmail.com)

Photo: Qricha Thy Voice & Dunn Phantom AKA Linn. Look out for the tracks "Death Of McNerd Part II" and "Breaking Point (Dear HipHop)". Dunn Behind the beats. #DOM. #JayTip@Work #EmpSWAG #Intruda #DMTPhoto: The brother behind 'lyrical psyko' and the upcoming project "Death Of McNerd". Jaytip.Photo: The nigga behind the Single "Dehydrated" and the 2010 project "Before Meets After Ep" .SoundzTabuu, I call him Puls. Bless him.
The people behind the project (from right – Dunn Phantom in the suit, Executive Producer Jay Tip and final touches producer SoundzTabuu
The day just went by very fast, and we didn’t really get enough time to take proper fashion detailed pics, but we were able to steal a few of ourselves, friends and sneak pics of great fashion elements.
Qricha’s stolen leg pic, wearing Aztec detailed shorts and Nike Air Yizzy II Sneakers
Mapule here below effortlessly rocks a monochrome outfit like it aint nobody’s bizniz. She wore pin-striped open flair trousers with a open back lace detailed crop all from Mr Price. We love the way her garments  meet each other half way, the lady is dressed well for her body and the occasion.

Leather affair here with Fufu, she wore a Pleather Skater Skirt, GalXBoy Tee (tucked in), Leather Jacket, fish nets and her Jumpman Retro 3 sneakers. 

Mehloe’s extended smile, wearing Smiley face leggings, Foil Print Tank Tee, Neon Crop Coat and Chucktaylors. 

Dont you wish you were with us???……. we know right!

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