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So Fufu met this guy, okay his our friend now cause we officially adopting him as one, anyway, Our friend is sooooo talented, beyond words. His name is Sphe, he hand paints on fabric. I wont specify what it is that he paints, because he can even paint a portrait of you. Not only does Sphe just paint, his a Music Producer as well and goes by the name of “Sounds Tabuu”, the Multi-Talented gentleman, who speaks less and does more,  did open up a bit when Fufu interviewed him recently.


Q: When did you distinguish that you are an Artistic being?

A: Well….. I have always been artistic, I started with scribbling,  drawing soccer players in Grade 1 in 1997.

Q: When did you invite Music into your life?

A: My Mom was in the choir and my Dad was a choir conductor.  I guess that where it all started, my background is musical. I started off as a Dancer (HipHop), Then did Rapping a for a while. In 2008 I committed myself to being a producer, its like inviting a new passion into your life.

Q:Did you take any studies for being a Producer?

A: No, I am self taught.

NNSTYLECARTEL’S Reaction : Wooooooow

Q: What inspired your stage name “Sounds Tabuu”?

A: Taboo- something that seems wrong to society,
     BUU- Taken from a character from Dragon  Ball Z- he was a young fighter that              faught older and stronger people.

Q:What kind of material can you paint on?

A: Sweater, Denim and Leather.

Q: What type of paint do you use?

A: I use Acrylic paint.

Q: What does a person that buys a painted garment from you need to know?

A: I give washing and care instructions to every client as per the type of garment I have painted for them. They need to know how it has to be washed and stored, water temperature and things to avoid.

Q:What do you have to say as a Producer?

A: “As a Producer we are forced to conform to society”  but I differ.  The sounds I make are unique, they dont fall under the “general genre” they sound good. Im not one to follow rules when it comes to music, because I find that very limiting. “I DONT CONFORM TO SOCIETY”

Q: How would you then describe your music?

A: ” I make music that SOUNDS TABUU” ♥

Then we asked to see his work up to date, boy are we stunned. See below some of the artwork that SOUNDS TABUU has done, really, its breathtaking,  words fail to nail its density, nothing compares to its originality.  We seriously love this guy’s work.

See now, we love his art, its perfect and more perfect because we can wear it around and show it off. His doesn’t have an official label yet so he goes by one of  his music aliases “Sounds Tabuu”,

Connect with Sphe on social networks:
Facebook- Sphephelo Bulunga
BBM- 2349F28B

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Some of the clothing paintings he recently worked on. *sniff sniff*

Fufu wears the  Product.


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