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Fashion is all over,  whether you off to work or off to run a few errands, you wanna look good and trendy, oh well at least that should be the point. Its often hard to keep updated with fashion trends when you have tight schedules and have to juggle the job that buys you the fancy clothes and the job of looking good. Well thanks to magazines,  we can find the latest trend summarised to a page or two and bamn you up to date and know what to shop for next.

We find it  hard to even update the blog at times due to tight schedules,  but…. Where theres a will there’s a way.

Fashion writings, updates and news can be found in magazines, and this helps our fashionistas that hardly have internet access or rather prefer paging through a magazine than clicking and browsing the net, to be kept in the loop. There is a long list of magazines that do fashion coverage and fashion trend news, and  a lot of work goes into that,  the fashion journalists and editors work timeously to keep those with the eye in fashion up to date.

Its super awesome to find a whole magazine that is just about FASHION, its like reading a novel and u just wanna  know whats next, then you find fashion features, which are normally a page or two in news magazines these are “quick updates” to keep us in the loop, then we get  online fashion magazines which extend its services to streaming videos of runway shows and fashion tours etc.

Here is a list of our top fashion magazines,  these are common and are our good reads.






Then a list of online magazines we normally read.





Lastly some good finds that may grow on us, you should read them too.




Angelina Jolie covers for ELLE

Kim Kardashian on the cover for GRAZIA

Taylor Swift on Glamour SA

The Jenners gracing the cover of Marie Claire

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