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5 Great Ways to Decorate Your House for Autumn

We may be far from autumn, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with planning in advance and catching on trends that will enhance your lifestyle. Now say it was autumn, and the night air is getting chillier, leaves are beginning to change colors. It must be autumn/fall again. Time to store away your beaches clothes, and bundle up in something warmer. Nothing accentuates that warmth more than adopting the colors of autumn to decorate your home.

Autumn/Fall decorations can add spice to any property. The best part is how many of them can be simple homemade crafts using inexpensive materials. Chances are you’ll find many lists online with over 1,000 ideas. Since that might be too many to choose from, here’s just five great ideas for fall home décor.


Everywhere you turn, you’re bound to see more than a few pumpkins. Hand-carved jack o’ lanterns and painted mini-gourds are a perfect accent to represent harvest season.

Gourds work best when they’re spread throughout a property, rather than bunched together. For indoor display, try using some small or medium sized gourds as centerpieces. Just make sure to arrange them lengthwise according to the table. Hollowed out gourds can also be filled with water to use as natural flower vases.

Apple Bowls

The thing about using gourds for decoration is that they make people hungry. Decorative produce would be better if it was the kind that can be enjoyed without having to bake it into a pie.

 In Milwaukee, houses for sale may display bowls of fresh Midwestern apples. Place some apple bowls in your kitchen and dining rooms for easy grab-n-go access.  Add a few cinnamon sticks in the bowl for garnish.

Lightning Bug Jars

Catching lightning bugs in a perforated jar is a summer pastime, but there’s a way to make it last year round. All it takes are some empty mason jars and a candle.

Make sure your jars are cleaned out and large enough to hold a small candle. You can swap the wax candle out with a battery-powered LED one for safety. Next, pack some birdseed, sand, or tiny pebbles to hold it in place.

Leaf Art

 Winter has snowflakes, and fall has foliage. The difference between them is that foliage can be kept as is.

 Fall leaves can be preserved by pressing them between two sheets of wax paper and run a clothes iron over them. Once you bind the materials together, you’ll have a perfectly preserved art print. It’ll perfect for framing or can be cut out for display in your centerpiece.   

Organic Bird Feeders

 Fall is a time when wildlife gathers enough food to get through winter. Why not use your decoration efforts to help feed the birds throughout the winter months with organic bird feeders.

 An easy bird feeder project can be done by simply tying a piece of string to a pine cone, slathering it in peanut butter and birdseed, and putting it in the freezer so the coating can harden. You can also use a small gourd that has been halved and scooped out. The gourd serves as an edible dish to go along with the birdseed.

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