Most of the time when you think of a guy in floral prints, you most probably likely to say Blehhhh! that’s not manly, well it takes a good eye in fashion to realise the elegance of this print and that men’s floral print are slowly but surley flooding into the streets of fashion.

Its not those Floral prints that flooded your grandma’s wardrobe, No No No. Mens Floral prints have that masculine touch to them, they are slightly neater and have a smaller pattern, giving them that elegant look.

A friend of mine recently wore a floral print to church, mmmmmh ladies!! i must say he pulled it off…. see below.
@Silokhay wears a Citrus Pink Jacket, #FLORALPRINT Tie, Chrystal white shirt and white hankie…. told you ladies!!!
I must say it takes a #BRAVE man to try out floral prints, its a very daring look and it amazing how they make it look so manly, see below another way to wear Floral Printed Tie.

@Silokhay wears the Floral tie with a Chrystal White shirt, grey cardigan, black Jacket and Red Hankie.
The nice thing about floral prints is that they allow you to play around, you can pick out one colour to dominate in the whole outfit without killing the dare in the print itself. I then dare a brave man to try out the Floral Print look.

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