Foschini and its friends get ‘Breast Cancer Aware’

Often we wait for the rain to fall, to realize we need shelter, and waiting on things you have control over can be, somehow a little too late sometimes. We live not knowing what tomorrow has in store for, because you can simply go to sleep feeling good and wake up in the baddest of conditions.

As people, we need encouragement at certain things, we need to team up to make things work, and also we need to learn from one another. Foschini went full on with ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ this month and they invited their friends too. By making the ‘circle’ bigger, Foschini’s aim was to show all women out there, that they are supportive way beyond fashion. A campaign ran by the fashion store and the Fashion Friends was implemented to broaden awareness and remind women that they need to put their health forward.

The movement to love your boobies is encouraged by #ThinkPink #PledgePink on all social media.

You don’t have to be alone, ask a friend or a sister to accompany to get yourself s mammogram test. Holding hands with someone gives so one so much strength.

Fashion Friends SA have pledged too! 

Pink treats for love!

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