It’s one of those boring sunday’s and Eyes and i are just chilling trying to TURN IT UP! on our balcony then our close friend Sbu pops by with some goodies for us *excited*. Well before we go on any further we have to mention the new range of Bamby tees that just dropped, two words TOO DOPE. The new Bambata range consists of different tees with exciting new prints and tailored art. Back to our Sunday, Sbu came through with Bamby’s new range for us to check out. He had what they call the Diplomat tee which is basically an extended tee that has zips on either end and one has an option of pulling up the zippers to give that slit effect. We must say were impressed this dude knows what his doing because we’ve seen the likes of Yeezy, Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky killin’ this look.

We then decided to young photo shoot on our balcony wearing the Diplomat tee. They are meant for guys but you know when it comes to fashion we break the rules so we made them look dope  for girls to wear.

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