Yes we have found yet another local fashion Gem in our midst, now this one has been around for some time but has recently made massive ripples in the South African street wear  fashion industry. One can say that he is giving other designers a definite run for their money, his catchy designs and prints has made him the talk of the town and is currently the “IT” or rather trending fashion designer in South Africa at the moment.

To be honest when we first came across the designers clothing we thought it was a European brand until we did our research and to our surprise we found out that the genius behind the brand is actually one of our own….definitely making the country proud by pushing the limits.

Behind every success story there is a heartfelt felt story about the journey to the road to success. Here is the background on how Galxboy came to rise in the fashion industry. 

This was extracted from his tumblr page:
23 year old student and designer Thatiso “Vuittots” Dube has been causing ripples in the South African youth fashion and streetwear industry with his label GALXBOY, pronounced “Galaxy Boy” or “Gal ex Boy”.

GALXBOY has come a long way since its establishment in 2008. Inspired by the success of the popular South African streetwear brand AmaKipKip, Vuittots started a t-shirt brand called “Cheeseboy”.

However, Vuittots decided not to give up on his passion, and soon he re-launched his label with the revised name “CheeseGalxBoy”, which later evolved to “GALXBOY”, a name that Vuittots feels appeals to a broader market across borders and age groups

Vuittots describes his street wear brand as an embodiment of “what girls do because of boys and what boys do because of girls” and designs his clothing to suit men and women of all ages and races who are not afraid to be fashionably eclectic and experimental. – S.Mona (Sibz_Steez)” Galxboy.tumblr.com


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