Mehloe was attending a lunch with the Joburg based Foschini Fashion Friends at the San deck of Sun International hotel in Sandton.
You know a girl can’t go out looking dreary, No, it’s not allowed, so she hooked a simple but very lovely look, one that was comfy and allowing.

A photo shoot has to happen before we do some wine sipping and chat until the sun goes down then we let our hair loose. So she spotted a Graffiti wall, one perfect place for taking pics, the wall represented the mood of the day, fun and colourful.

Skirt: Mr Price Top: Legit Shoes:Luella @Foschinisa Neckchain: Legit

Modern accessories,  pearls are the in thing, big abd bold, she also wears a Chanel purse and the nude Luella heels to tie up the whole look.

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