Hiphop and Fashion are linked to the like the Models and the Runway, something that created for each other. And while some legendary Rappers/Artist put their stamp on the trends the other people are not staying out of the loop… we all trend together.

We love the free feeling we get from the loosenss of the Hiphop garments, Big T’s, Baggy Jeans, Buff Jackets (baseball), High Tops, MC Hammers, Overalls and Snapbacks. Nice thing about Hiphop clothing is that it looks hot on Guys and Hotter on Ladies, nothing more adorable than a girl in baggy clothes and snapback….Mmmmh!

SBUSISO QRICHA NZUZA wears a Buff Jacket (baseball) , a Jesus Piece and baggy denim jeans. 

Yes u may not see his face but his back looks quite good, Siyabonga CIA  Zungu in a AMA KIP KIP Tshirt and Snapback… u gotta like it!

Sphumz in a Leather Jacket, a Big T and a Snapback, simple but makes him quite the looker. 

Remember what i said about a Girl in baggy jeans, … Riri pulled the look off.

The Clique “TEAMSWAG”, Durban’s growing fashion family, these guys are the most Brave when it comes to fashion. HipHop Swag, Street Style and Classic looks they pull it off better. Sphumz, Bush and Cyeezuss

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