In the Pursuit of Beauty….

They say beauty starts from within….which is entirely true no doubt about that, but we all love enhancing our natural features to bring out the best of us and about to reveal our tips and secrets and let you in on our beauty regimes 🙂

We all have a beauty routine and products that we prefer to use to truly enhance what our gene’s gave us and this is our story.

Step 1: Cleansing

In order for healthy skin we all need to start with the basics and that’s cleansing, since there is NN is made of the two of us we obviously do not have the same skin type so we’ll breaks it down individually.

What Fufu uses:
So the first I do when I wake up is wash my face thoroughly because i use make up during the day and I have to make sure all impurities a cleared out by using a product called LaTherapie cleansing wash, Sadly I haven’t been able to find this in SA stores as it was a present from my friend who had been on vacation in Barcelona 🙁 but I’ll be sure to share its replacement on our Instagram page @NNSTYLECARTEL. Be sure to always check what skin type the product accommodates and choose one that best suits you.

What Mehlo uses:
I struggled a lot with finding a product that would agree with my skin, one that would tone, calm the oil levels but also not make it too dry. So I landed my hands on the Ponds Spot Clear Facial Foam, and it has been the best thus far. In the morning, before I jump into the shower, I apply the faom allowing it to sit on my face for a few minutes and I rinse it off while I shower. This product can be found literally anywhere in SA. It leaves me with a well balanced skin and fresh feel.

Step 2: Toning

After a gentle refreshing cleanse what better way to make sure your skin is free of impurities then by using a toner to make sure all the impurities that were left behind are completely wiped away.

What Fufu uses:
When it come to toning I really take this seriously as I’ve mentioned above I wear make up to work so toning is that part of my regime where I make certain that all dirt and impurities are removed. For this I use a product called VICHY, its a fairly new product but as I was on the trail basis i could already see results. In such a small space of time it reduced the existing blemishes I had on my face which result in even tone skin, by using a white cotton pad when removing the impurities you can actually see the dirt even after a thorough cleanse.

What Mehlo uses:
I discovered that, after washing my face and wiping with my face cloth, the skin still holds on to some dirt, nothing drastic but it may be clogged under creams and foundation if not removed. So after rinsing my face I apply, with a cotton wool pad, my Ponds Toning Lotion, this is the best ever. The struggle with most toning lotions is that they are harsh on the skin, and may increase sun burn or skin reactions more severely than others, but all I can say, is that i recommend the Ponds toning lotion. you see all the dirt on the cotton wool pad and you can feel your pours breathing and the skin feels super fresh.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Its always advised to to be consistent when it comes to using facial products, mainly to avoid cross contamination and chemical imbalances which may result in damage to the skin and other potential harmful results.

What Fufu uses:
In my attempt to be consistent I also use VICHY face moisturizer to keep my face hydrated at ll time and giving me that matte look throughout the day

What Mehlo uses:
I have very picky skin, and I was happy to find a product that i can use continuously, because changing products can be a nightmare. So I use Ponds Anti-marks beauty cream under their ‘Perfect Colour Complex range’. I find the cream a litlle dry although it works perfectly for me, so I add two drops of baby oil to even it out and make it easier to apply. If you are too oily, and fear adding drops of baby oil, simply apply straight after toner or face wash while the pores are still open.

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