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iRelax // For Beauty, For Health

You guys know the struggle with facial skin in winter right!? It will either dry up or just show all these gory reactions, and us woman are very sensitive to such. We are always on the lookout for an all-in-one product, that will do an entire repair and care for our skin, but the honest truth is that, we need products that work well with each other to get a great skin feel and look.

iRelax reps blessed us at work, with, not just their presence but their great services too, as we were treated to mini back and sculpt massages. I fell for two products and I must say, they’ve helped me a lot.  Although I would like to try out more, in the meantime I would sell these two to anybody and anytime.

I suffer from dry skin and more especially during winter, I like to scrub my face so my paws are open when I apply a moisturising cream, and thank goodness the iRelax Exfoliating Mud Mask.

A deep cleansing rejuvenating mask. This ancient mud is made from natural sand which will gently loosen dead skin cells & wash away impurities. Leaving your skin moisturised & awakened.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to face, neck and chest area. Leave to dry for 10 minutes or until dry. Wet with luke warm water & use the creamy mud to scrub entire facial area. Rinse. Then I took their Peppermint Mist because I suffer from sinuses and have a very busy mind which would lead to stresses that keep me up at night.  
iRelax Peppermint Mist is excellent for mental fatigue & depression, refreshing the spirit while stimulating mental agility & improving concentration. Beneficial for snoring, nervous stress, shock, migraine, apathy, headache. insomnia, dry coughs, vertigo, sinus, bronchitis & congestion.

iRelax Peppermint Mist is used to relieve skin irritation, redness & itchiness. Also used to relieve sunburn while also having a cooling action.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For skin conditions & muscular aches, spray directly onto effected area. For ailments such as stress & fatigue, use as a room mist. For snoring &Spray directly onto pillows and bedding. Apply as often as needed. 
 There are more products that my colleagues have tried out and I will also most definitely try out too.

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  • Veronica

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