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IVY PARK X ADIDAS – My Favorite Picks.

When Burgundy, Orange & White meet

This collaboration has already been deemed one of the best collaborations of the year having been sold out within minutes of its release. How could we expect anything less from the BeyHive who have been anticipating the release of the collection since last year when Beyoncé dropped PR images on Instagram as well as a spread in ELLE magazine. Days prior to the official release of the collection the marketing team did the MOST by putting together pieces from her collection in elaborate orange boxes set to go out to all her celebrity friends and influencers. Social media was going wild with the unveiling of their orange boxes packed with IVY PARK X ADIDAS Atheleisure wear with Reece Witherspoon and Michelle Williams being two of our favorite video reactions.

Just when things were dying down Kim Kardashian  who supposedly received her box ‘last’ or not, was the last to open the PR box,  whatever it is, we do know, but it did put the brand back on all social media platforms and started trending again for a few more days.

Now that we’ve covered most of the social media info, lets get better knowledge about the collection itself.

The partnership was announced by Bey herself on April 4 2019 when she released a series of social media images on Instagram which spread the colors Burgundy, Orange and White and gave us a preview of whats to come. The collection officially dropped on the 18th of January 2020 and Beyonce went on to say this in a news release, ”My team has worked hard with the Adidas team in bringing my vision to life for this first collection and I am grateful and proud, from the accessories to the clothes to the footwear, I wanted to design and re-imagine pieces that serve as favorite armor for anyone who acknowledges the strength in their individual style”.

The collection itself consists of tights, hoodies, jackets, socks and sneakers all sporting the colors, burgundy, orange and white which we personally think were inspired by the African sunset and landscape in her recent movie feature The Lion King .We just love how the colors coordinate stunningly together and the best part is that they affordable.

Have a look at our favorite pieces from the line.

Top Left: The Fitted Asymmetrical Dress retailing for R1399.00. Top Right: The Asymmetrical Coat going for R3799.00. Bottom Left: Long Sleeve Crew Neck for R1099.00. Bottom Right: Cut Out Bra in Burgundy retails for R649.00.

From left to right: White Snap Track Jacket going for R1799.00 paired with Snap Track Pants for R1399.00. Long Sleeve Crew Neck(white) R1099.00. Long Sleeve Shrug(burgundy) R750.00. Short Sleeve Oversize White Tee R649.00.

Beyoncé wearing Burgundy Cycling Shorts retailing for R599.00 with the Convertible Track Jacket at R2299.00.

Beyoncé wearing the Halter Bra for R799.00 and Orange Cycling shorts for R599.00.

One of our favorite has to be this jumpsuit retailing for R1799.00

Yara Shahid was amount many starts seen on the streets with the latest Ivy Park Atheleisure and she rocked the Convertible Track Jacket with burgundy wide leg pants and nude stiletto.

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