Kicking It Right Into The New Year- 2021

It has taken me exactly a month to sit down and finally draft an official 2021 post – and on that note Happy New Year, Let’s kick it right into the new year!

2020 went down as the year of utter shock and pure surprise (in our era) and the healing from it is still a long way to go. One moment COVID19 seemed like a dark cloud only on the other side, and the next we are jobless and stuck at home.  If I had known a year ago, I would’ve invested or bought shares in companies that produce sanitizer and medical masks!

Kicking it right into the new year, we all seem to have adapted to the “new normal”, we’ve done a great job surviving and keeping sane with swiftness and great poise. Although we still can’t surely say what will become of this year, we are adamant that we will once again stay afloat and survive whatever life throws at us.

While I seek employment (and decide if I really want to go back into corporate) I have finalized how I want to present my self this year and in my overall lifestyle.

Fashion will always be top tier, and now being a business owner – of a Headwrap brand – I create and look out for suitable style more than ever. You’ll see a whole lot of wholesome, authentic, and personal style from me. I’d like to collaborate with brands that speak to my personal style so that I create pure and signature content – I don’t wanna drift away from my true-self even if you pay me.

I want to be able to create my personal brands’ presence in ninety percent of the work that I do – because representation is key! I love headwraps, and I want that to show first hand, it just has to be a part of my signature look and feel. I certainly am passionate about my brand – “UMNQWAZO by Thandazo” – despite that I want to turn it into an empire – I want it to have a great impact on me and my clientele. I will spend most of my days growing the business and hopefully growing my personal brand and starting getting great paying gigs on that side too. Having a business is joyous and tormenting at the same time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Outfit Details:

  • Suit – Daily Friday (Superbalist)
  • White Tshirt – Mr Price Clothing
  • Bag – Mr Price Clothing
  • Sneakers – Urbanart Shoe (DC 1 Outlet)
  • Headwrap – @doeksbythandazo (on Instagram)



I wish you light and success in 2021!




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