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Life In The City

Greetings and Salutations my beautiful readers from the city and abroad.

You know often we are so consumed with life, so much so that we forget to step out and embrace the beauty at our doorstep. Just to sit outside and have an ice-cream with your loved ones and take a young stroll in the city. On this particular day we had just gotten back from the market, and the norm is to get home, make/get food and watch movies while we eat. And to be honest, that is the usual routine – that I am working on breaking, sheesh!

Anyway, I don’t usually dress cute for the market,because well I’d be working, but sis woke up feeling cute, so I decided to dress up… In his shirt, my vintage denim and new favourite block heel sandal.

Denim – Denim Palace

Block Heel Sandal – Jet Fashion

Bag – Bronzed Basket

Shirt – Boyfreinds Closet

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