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Good Day Fashionistas

We back with the Fashion Capital Campaign and the store of the day but first let’s share the write up to figure out the spot to find today.

Think the world’s biggest Fashion Capital, one that has the most influence on trends, the city where Design, Production and retail evolve. It’s every girls dream to go to the roots of the Fashion Capital, a city that has its hugest economic growth from fashion. This city holds the biggest Fashion Events, it is the hotbed for creativity and Impeccable style.

London has the coolest stores and fashion schools that have produced some of the worlds greatest designers, namely;  John Gallioano and Stella McCartney.  It falls third on the rating chart of all Fashion Capitals but whoops the most attractive fashion capital of all.

Having shared that with you, see some of the trends from London Fashion Week 2014.

Bermuda Shorts
Grab a short or two this season, the cut is on or above the knee, don’t let this trend miss you.

Slouchy Skirts
Let the  skirt loose, and pair it with a tight neat shirt, it’s a trend to get,a pleated Slouchy skirt too, we bringing pretty back.

You might have to narrow your shoe rack, because we don’t want you to put your heals away, but we need the front row to have trainers too, because
Trainers were all over the runway at Fashion week.

It has never really left the streets but it’s back in a brand new trendy way. Leather this season is laser cut garments and you will also see joggers and tracksuit pants that we can dress down for this season.

Denim Jacket
Special mention to the denim jacket refusing to leave the scenes. The difference to look out for this season is the crop and special pop details on it.

Look for the below Fashion Capital cut out outside the world’s best selling denim store at the Pavilion Mall.  Once you have spotted the cut out, snap a selfie right next to it, then upload your picture on either Twitter/ Facebook or Instagram using the #LovePav #LovePavFashion hashtags. The clue for the store is one of the pictures here below.

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