Nothing is as charming as a guy in a suit, let alone a well tailored look. We talking about tight fitting shirt and jacket, slim tie and the perfect shoe,

This is our HOW TO look of the week.

SfeeSoul an underground house dj and friend of ours, nailed this look.

He wore; Suit Jacket- Cignal, black
                 Shirt- Woolworths, white
                 Pants- Rockville Couture by Sibonelo Goba, white
                 Loafers- Cignal, black
                 Slim Tie- black

Now if the fit wasnt perfect, the look would have been ja nice but not as good as it is. Most of the time guys are fussy with clothes that hug them too much, but it takes a great eye in fashion to see how it will appear better… bravery maybe!. Also most guys never know how to wear white pants, unless its an all white look.

Putting together two colours may seem simple but, keep in mind that one colour can have a lot of shades. SfeeSoul managed to pick his colours and the texture of his material well.

We love the look be it for a Dinner date, Church or being behind the Decks its just too perfect.

Amazing colour combination, perfect size!

Slim fit, goes well with slim tie, pocket hankie could be played around with! 

Who wouldn’t smile looking this clean and good? ♥♥♥

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