Today, we continue our breakdown of the key footwear trends for the season by switching our attention to more everyday options. The type of shoes that are versatile enough to be paired with everything from jeans and chinos to shorts and trousers, and will ground the majority of your go-to summer looks.   
Denim is one of my favorite materials. I love denim jeans, jackets, shirts, bags and practically any piece of clothing or accessory made from this wonderful material. Quite frankly, it’s a slight year round obsession. Therefore, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean I’ll stop wearing it. You shouldn’t either. 
The biker jacket is such a classic and versatile style that it will always remain a constant within the industry, yet its flame only looks set to burn brighter in seasons to come. The denim jacket will also work and whilst throwing i something different go for sleeveless jacket and push the limits to studs whilst at it. 
Clearly, pleated trousers are an item that polarizes and divides opinion. Yet, somewhat surprisingly, there appears to be more advocates than I was expecting when researching the trend. The pleat has made its presence felt on the runways whilst slowly stamping its mark on current high street collections.


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