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Well Spring is knocking on seasons door and we all cannot wait to dress less, no more layers, no more draping in scarfs, no more fauxfur vests and coats making us look like eskimos and fluff balls, and certainly no more dull colours.

Dust your sandals, get your pedicure sorted because this spring has a whole lot of toes to show.

Lesson of this post: Salvatore Ferregamo,  know him??? Well let us teach you.
Salvatore was an Italian shoe designer. He made boots and shoes for Hollywood stars in the 1920’s.  He returned to Italy,  and opened a eponymous company, that produced handmade shoes. Salvatore’s talent and Impeccable approach to designing shoes brought upon the birth of Heels, wedges and cage heels. He wasnt the first to design these unique shoes, as studies show that Royals used them to dodge medieval mucks and greeks to get some boost on stage. The history if the Platform Shoe is long and proves that the shoe type hasn’t always been about fashion.

After Salvatore came Disco, a musical era that allowed such shoes to be worn. No one would judge anyone, because both men and woman wore the shoes. Shortly after Disco, The Spice Girls branded their look with the Platform Shoes. Some people found it hideous and most followed the trend.

We hope you take back the mockery and judgements you had against the Spice Girls fashion trend, beacuase their style is about to take over the streets, AGAIN. Yes, it is obviously revised to suit modern times but not much has been changed. This season we will be seeing a lot of high platform shoes,  be it Sandals or booties,  they will all have you elevated to Fashions highest.

Okay here is the Platform Shoes we have our eyes on ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jeffrey Campbell is the Shoe designer to know in the U.S, this family owned company works hard to meet trends and introduce new ones. The designs are based on vintage inspirations,  runway trends and the day to day life grind. Their shoes are very fashion forward and meet the greatest expectations of fashionistas.

See below some of the shoes by Jeffery, these are out now for purchase on his site.

Aren’t these shoes a Dime though? Must have!!!

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