NNStyleCartel’s Top 3 Most Influential Fashion Bloggers in SA

Hi Fashionistas

We all draw inspiration from somewhere, whether it be on the streets, in nature or even in your dreams. Inspiration runs throughout the universe in different shapes and forms of matter and without it we think the world would be bland and insipid!. To get to the point our trendsetters were dedicating this article to the people who paved the way for us, the ones who have us that extra kick we needed to actually start blogging and fall in love with it. Our Heroes and Heroin’s! Trendsetters! Fashion Pioneers! Artists! Rule Breakers! Risk Takers! But most of all our Inspiration!

Feel free to click their links in the heading!

1. Perfectly Tailored

This was one our first discoveries which was advised by our frinds Silo Khanyile ans Sfeesoul, The page was started by Anelisa Mangcu and Siyabonga Ngwekazi (aka Scoopmakhathini), showcasing pictures of rather dapper and stylish men taking on the streets of the world. With Styles ranging from shoes and man bags, one of the best grid outfit layouts, a combination of class and the streets with clean cuts,crazy patterns and attention to detail your sure to find some inspiration yourself.


2. New Hipster

Its no shocker she’s on our list and as you will see  below a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to this lady. On her bio she writes,” My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!! ~ Crystal Kasper ~ “. Her style is flawless, daring and edgy which is something NN Style Cartel is about and now you know our secret.

Captivated by her alias Kefiboo which we think is so adorable Kefilwe Mabote is our number ONE stunner. Dedicating herself to the art of fashion in all her OOTD she truly inspires us to be on par with her one day. Chic, effortless and versatile is what she is all about and NEVER! disappoints as you can see.   

 There you have it…..Secret Revealed <3

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