Orange Bombshell! How to to kill the bomber look.

Before we get in too deep in this we would really like to thank all our readers for all the support we really appreciate the time you take to read our articles and hope they make a difference in you life’s. Okay now enough with the draking, we here to talk about a clothing item that has been trending since the world wars better known as “The Bomber Jacket” or also known as the bombardier jacket or the MA-1 flight jacket.

The jacket was originally made for pilots during the world war to keep them warm enough as the cockpits during that time were not properly enclosed. The US army established the Aviation Clothing Board and the distribution began from there on till the apparel evolved to symbols of honor, adventure and style and are now part of the pop culture. You’d be surprised how many different styles of the flight jacket there is ranging from the A-2 to the G-1 but today’s flight jacket are mostly associated to the MA-1 the now obsolete  U.S Military jacket which is commonly found in sage green with a blaze orange lining.

Fufu was out there handling a young photo shoot just to show us how to wear this apparel ft the Pepe London Neon Orange Bomber Jacket.

Wearing neutral colors is one of the the things we strongly suggest if your wearing a bomber just to tone things down as seen worn by Fufu who opted to go monochrome.

Our favorite detailed shot <3

” If you want it done DIY” – Fufu
Fufu seen wearing:
Top                        : Cotton On 
Jeans                      : DIY ripped jeans with chain attached
Black Boots           : Edgars
Trainers                 : Nike Roshe Run
Body Chain           : Mr Price 
Wrist Ring Chain  : Jay Jays

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