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Oversized White Shirt Trend

I do hope you have this staple item in your wardrobe, because just like denim, the over-sized white shirt trend is one that has and will still last for years to come. A simple and classic white shirt that is a few sizes bigger can either be dressed up or down. It can literally be one of those go-to items when you’re not sure what to wear.

So, I was busy putting together looks to style for a colab that I did with Curativ, and this white shirt look stole my heart to best pair with their jewelry. I like that a white shirt when worn on its own (without accessories/jewelry) will still give you enough elegance and class, and when worn with jewelry/accessories, it know to sit back and let those pieces shine.

Although this particular shirt isn’t serving its initial purpose, as boys school shirt, I think I did a pretty great job styling it and re-purposing its life. I initially wanted to wear it with denim jeans, then opted for my black suit pants as a means to keep a monochrome look to keep that minimalistic look and let the jewelry pop out. Also, at the back of my mind I wanted a look that is fresh and free, one that’ll let breathe and feel the atmosphere and this is what I came up with.



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