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Paring Loungewear with Music

Whenever I put on my earphones or turn up the speaker, I automatically shut out everything else around me and enter a new magical space where both the things I love, loungewear, and music are fused.

Music and Fashion, are the two things that I lean on as a coping mechanism right now during the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing, which then includes the fundamental need to self-isolate, social distance and self-quarantine for some. So having found what seems to keep me sane, you may wonder what these two things have in common? Well, look at it like this, each song has its own artistic flare and uniqueness, then personally with each song I like to picture myself in an outfit that suits the melody and vibe of the song.

So, since staying indoors is vital let’s take a peek into the lounge music I like and the lounging outfits that complement each song.

1. Elaine – ‘You’re the one’

This song puts me in a euphonious mood and most certainly makes me proud that our girl here is South African. The young musician with a beautiful voice took over South Africa’s music charts with her singles “You’re The One” and “Risky” then went on to release an album titled “Elements”. Her music absolutely melts me into the corner of my couch with my glass of wine whilst I comfortably lounge in my classic briefs and mid sleeve crop top.


2. James Blake – ‘Voyeur (Bear Face Bootleg edit)’

James has been in the industry for a minute now and mainly as a producer but, to be honest I only started paying attention to his music after he released “Life Round Here” ft Chance the Rapper. This song definitely puts me in an over-sized tee, cozy socks and a cup of black coffee mood.

3. Lana Del Rey – ‘Born to die’

“Don’t make me sad don’t make me cry, sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough I don’t know why”. This is the song I fell in love to, with this other guy *rolls eyes* (Story for another day). Lana’s old fashion style and voice reminds me of my favorite movie The Great Gatsby. I’ve always pictured that Daisy would be wearing high end lounge wear sipping on champagne as the song plays fairly loud in the background. You can’t go wrong with elegant silk.

4. Jorja Smith – ‘Tomorrow’

This is my break up song, if you can, just imagine me with runny mascara and a tub of Bar-One ice-cream and Marie biscuits – letting it all out. I would still be looking fly though in case I get a video call, thanks to my best friend, I fell in love with the song the first time I heard her play it. This SKIMS 3 piece fits the setting perfectly.

5. Mahalia – Sober

Mahalia’s smooth robust voice captures you at the very first note then afterwards you’re surely hooked. So for me it was love at first note, even though she’s been in the scene for a while this was the very first song of hers I came across. It’s the first song I think about in the morning when I check my drunk texts chilling in my underwear only.

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