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Paring Loungewear with Music || Part 2

I’m sure you thought I was done with my music list, well sorry to disappoint but I’m not done yet.

Excited to share with you part II of my playlist and fashion combo’s, now there’s only 10 on the list so I hope you take the time to listen to the music and try to see what I see. When brainstorming I was really trying to look for a cool word that would combine fashion and music, I thought to myself what about “Fushic”? It legit sounded better than the one hundred other names I had come up with, anyway moral of the story is, I’m calling this list “My Fushic Playlist”, it’s growing on me already so let’s take a look at the rest of my favorites.

6. Majid Jordan – Patience

A R&B duo originally from Toronto consisting of Majid A Maskati and Jordan Ullman. ‘After-hours’ was their first project I listened to before they were signed by Drake and then released “A Place Like This”.  Immediately “Patience” became that one track that would set me in a cool relaxed mood beaming with positive vibes only and I have to give credit where it’s due so I must thank my little brother.  I can’t honestly say I see myself in a black active set like this one.

7. Marc E Bassy – You and Me ft G-Eazy

This is such a chilled track it literally makes me feel like I’m in California getting some good vitamin D and sipping on a sexy cocktail with 7 shots. All of his projects are back to back hits for me I’ve never been disappointed since the very first time I heard the “East Hollywood EP” & “Only the Poets” which I also recommend. Credit goes to my little brother for being the plug, now check how I would be chilling.

8. Alina Baraz x Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts

While the roomie Mandy is cooking lunch in the kitchen I hear her playing this song on her speaker and I asked myself, “Why have you been sleeping on such amazing talent?”. This song is my favorite one from the Alina and Galimatias joint project “Urban Flora”, Purchase the rest of the album I promise you its fire. Some of my other personal favorites include  “Drift” and “Unfold” so while you download I’ll slip into my imaginary black lace lingerie and sip on some Sauvignon Blanc.

9. Roy Woods – Gwan Big Up Urself

I’ll be honest with you I didn’t know much about Roy Woods until I listened to his song from his project titled “Chilli Peppers ft Majid Jordan”. You’ve already seen that I love Majid so that’s why I was initially interested in the track but then ended up listening to all his projects that’s when I discovered “Gwan Big Up Urself”. This song has that island feel to it and it’s such a feel-good vibe which makes me feel like dancing that’s why I feel like a skin-tight set is ideal to show my semi-dancing skills lol.

10. The Weeknd – Montreal

I’m a huge fan of the Abel Tesfaye otherwise known as The Weekend who’s also Canadian and was once signed under the same label as Majid and Roy Woods. Imagine sitting in the library doing your assignment and a stranger asks if you’ve listened to the Weeknd’s music before, at first I was startled but then figured what’s the worst that could happen. He doesn’t know this but he changed my life because after he made me listen to Montreal I went on a music shopping spree and purchased the entire Trilogy. His sound is sensual and puts you in a mood where you like a bad bad in nice sleek lingerie.

11.PARTYNEXTDOOR ft Rihanna – Bonus Track

They always say save the best for last and even though this list was in no particular order this song has been a whole jam and vibe since it was released this year by PND. The moment I heard that Riri is featured on the track I instantly had a mini-meltdown because hello this is Rihanna we talking about here. PND is also another one of my favorites who also hails from Canada and is part of OVO (Drake and 40’s record label), I’m totally being biased because of Riri but I’ve actually loved his music since 2013 when he released his self-titled project PARTYNEXTDOOR. His sound is similar to that of The Weeknd so it’s also that sensual vibe, who better to have on your new track then the QUEEN of sex appeal herself and of course when I hear the song I’ll be thinking about wearing her Savage line.

There are so many songs I’d love to share but I think I’ll end up writing a whole book if I do. During this Pandemic were facing there are so many things that can create mental instability and music for me is source of comfort. It puts me in a sort of meditative state or zone where my mind can declutter itself and focus on the sound, lyrics, and even create a world of my own then everything doesn’t matter for that time. If it gets too hard for you just play your feel-good song which I’m sure we all have then let your worries melt away for those few moments and then reset yourself for the next. Love and Light to everybody.






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