We’ve seen it all, bragged about it and wore it to the T…. Pleather seems to be sidelined and i dont know why. Faux leather is the Bomb whether its used Partially or Full on a garment, form Hipsters to Rocker girls and FIT fashionistas but it is everywhere. Its not a material to be ashamed of, NO! its what you may not be able to afford just in a less expensive material. , so if it tears DONT CRY… Lol

Pleather looks almost the same as leather and the modern faux feels almost indistinguishable from real leather, and for our animal socials you dont have to stress about dead animal skin and still look Chic and Sexy.

Below are some of our friends ROCKING Pleather/Faux.


Sbu “QRICHA'” wears a self desinged Pleather/Faux Vest, a #Bambata #PETROLorMILK Chain…. looks hot with that masculine touch to it.
Siyabonga “CIA” wears a Black sweater that has Pleather/Faux arms, A gold chain and Gold rimmed RayBan’s….we love #BLACKANDGOLD

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