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Rural Love Creations // Local Fashion

NN Style Cartel is always behind local (South African) brands and their growth, we enjoy discovering new brands that are born within our country and sharing what we know about them with YOU. South Africa’s fashion industry is blooming, and with the support of local communities to push the local artists work, we will get to a huge global market and be a fashion capital too.

South African fashion is very artsy and original, there’s a story behind each design and the passion is seen with the finishing of each garment. We stumbled upon Rural Love Creations, a local brand est.2009. They are a fusion of the 80’s and modern times, they are inspired by the 80’s soccer legends, artists, brands and people who make a positive contribution in society or carry a unique history that interests them. The clothes are produced seasonally, focusing on different concepts each season, and they don’t just stop there as they also collaborate with brands that have made a positive contribution in society.

Thandazo had the honor to rock one of their latest designs “Made in South Africa, Not China”, and decided to do a mini shoot in support of the brand.



Rural Love has been featured on several local printed media.

They have a Facebook page and Instagram account ‘Rurallove Classics’, should you wish to keep up to date with their releases or buy yourself a t-shirt or two. 

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