We live around people that see fashion the way we do, ladies that are completed by good clothing. In common we have love for Fashion, Style and Class.

We cant share or say anything louder than the pics we going to share with you”ll.

We are Trend Setters, powerful women that love killing it on their own unique style, we represent SA if you like……. Call us FASHIONISTAS, we dont mind! If you want to know us better, take us out for a shopping spree *winks* . We wear the most Daring and bold clothes, we mix and match, draw the distance between colours and textures together and we draw art in what we wear. If you love Fashion the way we do, you will understand, if you dont understand you will have to fall in love with whats in your closet first!

Featuring: Thollar Mlambo, Mbali Khuboni and NN STYLE CARTEL’s Fufu and Nomthy. (Pics in order of names)

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